News | April 8, 2009

Applied Wireless ID (AWID) Announces The Release Of A Credit Card Sized Reader Module

Source: Applied Wireless ID

Applied Wireless ID (AWID) is pleased to announce the release of the MPR1910, a credit card sized UHF RFID reader module engineered to implement the continuing advancements in UHF RFID chip technology.

The latest addition to the AWID extensive RFID module line-up features:

  • Very small size – 3.31" X 2.11" X 0.31"
  • 2 antenna ports – configurable for mono static or Bi-Static antennas
  • GPIO
  • Adjustable output power - 2dbM to 30dBm
  • Wide operating temperature - -25 to +65 C
  • 3 regional models with OEM settable country frequency
  • High speed serial communication – up to 230kbps
  • "Sleep" function with wake time <10ms
  • The traditional AWID "Best Value" pricing

Development units are available in two versions:

1. As a module only with connecting cables:
2. In AWID's new "EVK" version shown with cover removed:

About Applied Wireless Identifications Group, Inc.
Applied Wireless Identifications Group, Inc. (AWID) is a leading world-class RFID company serving global markets. Founded in 1997, AWID has a full spectrum of RFID reader product lines covering from LF, HF, and UHF, to OEM modules for finished readers, as well as specialty tags and system mounting structures. AWID serves vertical markets that include supply chain, work-in-process, asset management, records management, perimeter security, access control, and others. AWID products enable improvements in efficiency, productivity, visibility, quality and security. AWID corporate headquarters are in Morgan Hill, CA. More information about AWID is available at

SOURCE: Applied Wireless ID