White Paper

Considering The Advantages Of Voice For Your Forklift Fleet?

Source: Intermec, Inc.

Voice technology and full-screen, multifunction forklift-mounted terminals that support bar code, RFID and other technologies each have their place in efficient warehouse operations. Both options have relative strengths and limitations regarding their convenience, efficiency, accuracy and the types of information they can collect, process and present to users. While voice- and forklift-based multifunction terminals each have their place, traditionally they have not had a place in the same warehouse, because processes are built around either scanning or voice technology and investment in one tends to preclude investment in the other.

This white paper explains why using voice technology and multifunction forklift-mounted terminals and scanners does not have to be an either-or decision. It shares insights from early adopters and other forward-thinking organizations about the role and value of using voice and other input technologies together on multifunction forklift terminals. The paper presents documented benefits, including cost savings, productivity gains and accuracy improvements, and describes how multifunction voice terminals enable efficient new processes, including:

  • Receiving
  • Putaway
  • Picking
  • Inspection
  • Cross docking
  • Exception management