Datasheet | February 24, 2009

Product Overview: Clarity ITAM™ - IT Asset Management

Source: Xterprise Incorporated

Corporate data centers can be a large and complex operations. The number of physical assets – servers, switches, storage units, etc. – can easily run into the thousands and be distributed across many facilities. Existing solutions, which focus on the procurement process and vendor management are ill equipped to track the physical volume of equipment in real-time. Barcode, until now the most widely used asset tracking technology in data centers, requires that an individual must visually locate, inspect and scan each barcode label.

The Clarity ITAM™ solution uses RFID technology to eliminate many of the issues inherent in existing IT inventory management systems and methods. RFID tags not only carry more information than barcode labels, but more importantly need only be in range of an RFID reader to quickly, efficiently and accurately capture information. And with no direct line of sight necessary, large areas and difficult to find assets can automatically be discovered and counted.