News | April 3, 2019

BSN; A Member Of The Baoshen Group, Today Announced The Launch Of Its New Range Of Loss Prevention RFID Labels Which Are Designed To Combat Theft In Retail Stores

The new solution will combine EAS and Inventory Visibility applications. Thereby increasing the effectiveness of EAS alarms and producing a substantial improvement in the return on investment of RFID item tagging.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) - The solution will include an RFID label that will be capable to trigger an alarm at the store exit when an item is stolen. In addition, the solution is able to display a picture of the stolen item onto a TV screen which can be positioned above the store exit gates. An important element is that the system will link to the in-store inventory database, and will automatically update the stock with the SKU of the item that has been stolen.

“EAS has been around for more than 50 years,” said Philip Calderbank, RFID Consultant at BSN. “Thieves have got used to it and many know how to beat the system. In fact, most people take no notice when an EAS audible alarm sounds. Even more important is the fact that every time an item is stolen, the in-store inventory system is not updated, as it would be when an item is purchased. So the store’s ‘stock on hand’ levels become inaccurate. The BSN RFID/EAS solution will tackle these issues by providing a visual as well as audible alarm and the software will automatically update the store inventory database.”

“Until recently RFID chips were not sensitive enough to be able to trigger alarms across a store exit. However, new Integrated Circuits offer greater power and more memory to enable this application. Perhaps the greatest benefit comes in cost savings, as stores which are already using RFID can begin to think of phasing out the cost of the EAS tags” says Calderbank.

BSN offers a complete range of RFID embedded labels and stickers and provides variable bar-code print and chip encoding through its Service Bureau locations.

In addition, BSN offers a comprehensive range of RFID infrastructure, including readers, software and full deployment.

‘We love all kinds of packaging and we excel in all forms of RFID solutions.’

Source: PRWeb

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