News | February 23, 2018

Blue Willow Systems' RFID Technology Transforms Remote Monitoring e-Call Systems

RFID provides easier and more secure access for senior resident communities

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) - Blue Willow Systems, a leading provider of remote monitoring e-call systems for senior resident communities, today announced the inclusion of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in all of their wearables, providing senior communities with improved security and ease of use for their residents.

RFID technology uses radio waves for the collection and transferring of data efficiently and automatically without human intervention. The addition of RFID technology to Blue Willow’s remote monitoring wristbands increases ease of access for seniors with cognitive or physical disabilities. RFID identification doesn’t require line-of-site or scanning; RFID tags can be read as long as they are in proximity to a reader. Using RFID wearables allows seniors easier entry to their rooms and other areas of their community, and is a huge advantage for seniors with unsteady hands or who are carrying bags, canes or walkers. In addition, Blue Willow’s RFID wearables reduces the possibility for wandering, and improves resident safety by restricting access to only those wearing the specific RFID-enabled wearable.

“Providing senior communities with the best access control technology not only increases resident security but makes their daily lives easier and more enjoyable,” explained Vikram Devdas, CTO and Founder of Blue Willow Systems. “With the inclusion of RFID technology, our solution enables senior communities to ensure their residents are safe at all times, and enables entry and exit much easier for both residents and staff.”

Besides RFID, the Blue Willow remote monitoring e-call system automatically detects falls and tracks both residents and staff location in real time. As a result, incident reports and data analytics are provided

About Blue Willow Systems
Blue Willow Systems is a next generation SaaS resident safety platform that automatically detects falls with a patented algorithm, manages wander with indoor location, analyzes real-time resident and staff activity, and distributes event notifications. Blue Willow Systems provides sophisticated incident and trend reports allowing operators to deliver better care, reduce overhead, and manage staff workflow resulting in increased revenue, staff effectiveness, and resident and family satisfaction.

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