Datasheet | August 14, 2009

Product Datasheet: AutoCrib IntelliPort

Source: AutoCrib, Automated Inventory Systems, Inc.

Simple fast tracking in an unmanned tool crib or stores area

  • Secure unmanned tool crib solution
  • Dispense any size items
  • High accuracy with little to no data entry (automatic scanning)
  • Infinite storage space for unlimited SKUs
  • Low cost per SKU and RFID tag

AutoCrib IntelliPort becomes the employee ID-controlled doorway into and out of an existing stores area or tool crib. The IntelliPort RFID portal records transactions by reading Gen-2, Class 1, Passive RFID tags which are affixed to any number of items. These tags are automatically assigned by the included RFID printer just before being applied to the item.

IntelliPort's turnkey system of RFID readers scans items to be issued or returned, making check-in and check-out fast and easy. The system checks out items based on a unique serial number for each item (so there's less dependence on correct bin location).