News | April 28, 2020

ATWEC Technologies To Install Its New Child Reminder Vehicle Systems

Arrow Christian Academy (GA) First to Equip Buses with Breakthrough Safety Technology

ATWEC Technologies, Inc., a US-based technology company specializing in child safety, today announced the first installations of its next generation KV-4 child reminder systems.

Arrow Christian Academy, a leading day care center located in College Park, GA, will be the first recipient of ATWEC's new 4th generation child reminder system in its buses, designed to guard against potential vehicle dangers, and to prevent leaving children behind.

ATWT's new RFID technology supplants older ‘push button' technology, which, although the current industry standard, can be easily circumvented, thereby compromising child safety. Day Care administrators and directors across the country have long complained that existing systems are cumbersome, ineffective, and difficult for drivers to use.

Mrs. Woods, Arrow Christian's Director and CEO, was enthusiastic about the installation. "We are proud to be able to upgrade to ATWEC's breakthrough system, which is replacing the outdated child reminder product that came pre-installed on our vehicles. This new ATWEC technology, which is tamper-proof and much easier to operate, made the switch easy."

Seven US states currently mandate some type of child reminder system on K-12 buses and vans, with California being the latest to pass key child safety legislation. ATWT will have its new KV-4 systems ready for distribution, as California has over 100,000 new school buses and vans required to have child reminder systems installed or retro-fitted in the vehicles by the end of 2020.

The new vehicle systems, scheduled to be installed in May 2020, will serve as the initial ‘testing ground' for ATWT's patented technology. Arrow Christian, a progressive center just south of Atlanta, has made protecting its children a priority, and is looking to be a leader in transportation safety. The KV-4™ system uses voice prompts, as well as RFID technology, to reset the warning alarm after a complete check of the vehicle has taken place by the driver. These new features provide increased efficiency and ease of use, compared to competitor's old systems, which can be easily ignored, and prone to human error.

"ATWEC has created the child safety technology of the future. Our new system is sleek and durable, and cannot be disabled or otherwise tampered with, unlike the competition. More importantly, the KV-4 is needed to prevent the accidental abandonment of a child on a bus or van, which can lead to disaster", said Alex Wiley, ATWT's President and CEO. "Our goal is to install over 100,000 KV-4™ systems over the next 18 months, as there are over one million US vehicles currently using the outdated technology. We are proud to have developed the best child reminder system in the world, the ATWEC Child Reminder System, and we will continue to work tirelessly to protect children around the world."

Source: ATWEC Technologies, Inc.