News | June 23, 2020

ATWEC Technologies Inc. Announces Successful Installation Of The New KV-4 System In A Pilot Program

ATWEC Technologies a leader in the child safety industry is pleased to announce its new KV-4 child reminder system has been successfully installed in Child transport vehicles located at The Kids Child Center in West Memphis AR. This pilot program is one of two intended to act as evaluations of its operation and durability and will be evaluated over a 30-day period.

According to Alex Wiley, CEO of ATWEC Technologies, "The system is easily installed and its functionality and operation are flawless. Its durability and ease of use is very impressive and the client is very pleased with the results. The KV-4's new RFID tag operability is welcomed by the vehicle operators and the director of the center has already committed to ordering systems for its remaining child transport vehicles. This is an exciting time for the employees and distributors of the KV-4 unit as negotiations for a future pilot program in the country's largest school district are already in the planning process."

Source: ATWEC Technologies