News | September 22, 2008

ImageID Introduces DUAL Technology For Detection Of Unlabeled Asset's Location

TEL AVIV, Israel--(Business Wire)-- ImageID, a provider of patented image-based supply chain traceability solutions, recently announced DUAL (Detection of Unlabeled Asset's Location), the only currently available technology capable of detecting and indicating the location of untagged assets on a pallet.

"Shipping depots and distribution centers are often characterized by adverse environmental conditions. Assets' tags are often corrupted, hidden from view, badly printed or simply missing," explains Dr. Ronen Dahari, ImageID's CTO, "Existing scanners or RFID-based AIDC solutions will typically not detect these assets."

ImageID's patent pending DUAL technology effectively overcomes this challenge by utilizing advanced image processing software algorithms. DUAL detects assets with missing or illegible barcodes, indicates their exact location and provides details on the type of unlabeled asset detected. ImageID's Visidot Director uses this information in applications such as shipping verification, sequencing and scan-to-stock.

DUAL is the latest enhancement to Visidot, ImageID's proven SCT solution, which captures large field of view images, detects and decodes multiple barcodes simultaneously, with 100% accuracy.

DUAL enables Visidot to provide an onscreen image of the pallet, pinpointing the location of missing or flawed tags. Operators can then take corrective actions such as manual tag application or data completion.

"Real-time asset traceability in business-critical depot environments is no simple challenge," states Dror Irani, ImageID CEO. "Unlabeled assets are a major cause of costly shipping errors, and the ability to detect and provide information on assets with no detectable tags is therefore of immense value. ImageID is proud to be the first and only company to provide this critical efficiency and reliability enhancing technology."

About ImageID

ImageID is a leading provider of image-based traceability solutions. Visidot, the company's line of proven traceability products, consistently enhances logistics and manufacturing process efficiency and reliability. It enables tracking and tracing of millions of assets a day, with 100% accuracy. Visidot provides complete supply chain control to customers in a broad range of industries, from fresh food manufacturers and RTI poolers to automotive companies and others.

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