News | May 19, 2020

Aratek Launches Fever-Detecting Facial Recognition Terminal

In response to global initiatives seeking to prevent future disease outbreaks, Aratek recently launched the BA8200-T fever detection & facial recognition terminal, which is capable of alerting authorities to the presence of individuals running a fever.

“The BA8200-T is delivering a safer and more hygienic mode of authentication and identification while helping detect possible infection cases,” noted Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP for International Business Development.

The non-contact ability to detect elevated body temperature will prove crucial in the efforts to prevent another uncontrolled spread of communicable diseases,” he added. The BA8200-T is equipped with a proprietary infrared thermometer and compensation modules which make possible highly-accurate body temperature measurement for real-time fever screening even through mask.

The BA8200-T features multi-factor authentication that unifies facial recognition, RFID authentication and fingerprint recognition for increased security. It uses Aratek’s patented face recognition algorithm which boasts of a recognition rate of 99.72% in LFW face database. Its 2MP Dual HDR Camera which allows high quality facial image capture in all lighting conditions, whether in a dark room or in the bright outdoors.

It also supports live detection to ensure liveness and user presence, thereby reducing fraud. In addition, its built-in durable optical scanner that is fully compliant with FBI FAP20, STQC, ISO19794-2, ANSI-378 and WSQ standards.

The BA8200-T provides superior facial recognition based access control/time attendance applications for visitor verification and turnstile control. Its advanced fever detection, facial recognition and RFID authentication abilities eliminate the vulnerabilities common with manual visitor management and disease outbreaks.

“In these critical times, Aratek is harnessing our passion for innovation to develop biometric solutions that help authorities manage the current public health crisis and prevent the occurrence of other similar problems,” Wu said.

Source: Aratek