News | December 18, 2008

Ambient Systems Product Series 3000 Changes The Face Of RFID

Ambient Systems proudly introduced today its new Product Series 3000. This 'third generation' active RFID solution provides enterprises real-time insight in the condition and location of physical objects, laying the ground for substantial business process optimization and cost reductions. Intelligent tags, called SmartPoints, with integrated sensors and self-locating capability make objects 'smart', ensuring that no critical business event is left unnoticed. SmartPoints communicate with Ambient's easy to install wireless networks, enabling a Total Cost of Ownership reduction of up to 75%, compared to traditional active RFID solutions. These features make Product Series 3000 widely applicable.

Up till now, active RFID (radio frequency identification) technology made it possible to either track objects such as freight containers at fixed points (first generation active RFID), or locate assets in real-time in areas such as distribution centers (second generation active RFID). With its Product Series 3000, Ambient Systems introduces third generation active RFID to the market, integrating three functions into a single solution: check, track and trace. Objects can be monitored by adding any sensor, they are located in real-time and SmartPoints are able to store all relevant product data, creating a 'digital passport' for physical objects. SmartPoints also identify relevant business events based on user-defined rules, for example sending out an alert when a temperature threshold is exceeded. It's this Dynamic Event Reporting, the 'management-by-exception' feature, that completes the advanced capabilities of Ambient's active RFID solution.

"With Product Series 3000, Ambient Systems proves to be the leader in active RFID technology," states Mr. Eelco de Jong, Director Sales & Marketing at Ambient Systems. "The integrated check, track and trace functionality turns physical assets into 'smart objects' that provide enterprises the right information to better manage their valuable assets and supply chains. This enables significant cost reductions and quality improvements: organizations can improve inventory management, replace labor intensive processes with automatic monitoring and comply with government regulations. At the same time enterprises can improve customer service with increased supply chain transparency."

The advanced technology of Product Series 3000 results in up to 75% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership compared to traditional active RFID solutions. This reduction results from substantially lower hardware costs. Moreover, the wireless networks are very easy to install with almost no cabling required, which goes easy on the implementation cost. Once installed, the system takes care of everything: the wireless mesh network is self-organizing and self-healing. There is also no need for additional localization software; SmartPoints determine their own location using Ambient's patented self-localization and self-calibration algorithms, with an accuracy of some meters, depending on the situation.

Ambient's claim is supported by Dr. Peter Harrop, Chairman of IDTechEx, the renowned RFID analyst firm: "Ambient's third generation active RFID subsumes the functions of traditional active RFID and Real Time Locating Systems while adding ubiquitous sensing capabilities. Unlike most other commercial next generation wireless sensor network products, the new Ambient Systems Product Series 3000 ticks most of the boxes. The dream is becoming reality."

Built on proven technology, Ambient's Product Series 3000 is designed for a broad range of applications in distribution, transport and industry: safeguarding the condition of perishable goods during transport, locating assets such as infusion pumps in hospitals, or protecting and monitoring valuable assets in remote warehouses. Ambient's wireless networks are built on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, are highly energy efficient, scalable, and operate worldwide on the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Ambient SmartPoints function on batteries that last 3-5 years, based on typical usage, and are EN-12830 certified, the European standard for temperature recorders in the food supply chain. With AirLock security, data is protected based on sophisticated authentication measures.

Product Series 3000 is currently being implemented by Ambient's business partners at several international organizations.

About Ambient Systems B.V.
Ambient Systems, based in Enschede (NL), provides third-generation active RFID solutions to improve process quality and efficiency in distribution, transport and industry. Unlike conventional active RFID solutions, Ambient uses intelligent SmartPoints to locate, monitor and protect goods and persons. Robust wireless networks enable management by exception at considerably lower costs than traditional solutions. Over 100 organizations around the world including Sitos and the Australian Institute of Marine Science have implemented networks from Ambient Systems. Ambient Systems' products are distributed by a constantly growing network of distributors and partners. For more information please visit

SOURCE: Ambient Systems