Datasheet | August 20, 2009

Product Sheet: Active UHF Beacon Tag i-B2L - Marker Version


IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' ILR i-B2L tags are designed to be cost effective, easy to implement and maintain offering maximum flexibility. The beacon tags continually send out their ID at pre-programmed intervals. They do not need to be interrogated in order for them to send their information — they do it automatically.

The Marker technology allows selective locating of a transponder for example in adjacent car tracks. Here the inductive marker field informs the transponder about its current location. In a moment the transponder sends its location information several times to a central unit. For this data transmission it uses its long range RFID abilities.

Even after the transponder has left the marker field it transmits this data steadily at a configurable ping rate.

The i-B2L series offers an attractive price for continuous monitoring and optimization of logistics in the supply chain.