White Paper

White Paper: Achieving Return On Investment Using RFID For Jewelry Tracking

Source: Avery Dennison Printer Systems Division
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While some end uses search for a viable ROI in the use of RFID tracking, one application that has clear and immediate benefit is using RFID in jewelry tracking. Tracking jewelry inventory is uniquely suited to the use of RFID for several reasons.

Currently, most jewelers track inventory on daily or weekly basis. This is often a completely manual process, which is very time-consuming, requires handling of each jewelry item, and is error-prone. Some jewelers are using barcode, which still requires line-of site for reading and still leads to additional, unnecessary handling of the jewelry items. For some high-end jewelers, the use of barcodes on their tags contrasts with the high-end elite message they are trying to project with their item tags.

With RFID, an entire case of jewelry can be read in a matter of seconds with no need for line-of site or handling of the jewelry item. The RFID inlay can be hidden, thus not impacting the merchandising of the high-end jewelry tags.