White Paper

White Paper: A Company And Its Partners

Source: IDZ Technologies Inc.

By Jay Mullis, IDZ Technologies

When you're in the service industry, most companies create a relationship with their clientele of "call us when you need us." More like a "we're here if you need us" kind of relationship. With these kind of relationships its up in the air as to if the client wants to or has the time to actually call and ask for help. It is the foundation at IDZ Technologies to go beyond these common relationships.

Many companies give very good customer service during the purchase and install process, but what happens when the install is complete? What happens when the product fails or doesn't support the customer's needs in the manner in which they thought it would? How many times have you purchased a product and when you needed help, you were left frustrated and confused.

It is the intent and objective of IDZ to create more than a simple "call me when you need me" relationship with the customer. IDZ believes in building mutually beneficial partnerships. Every customer site that IDZ has implemented a product in is not merely seen as a "client site," but an extension of IDZ. IDZ prides themselves in understanding exactly what the client's needs are and delivering service to address those needs.