Datasheet | March 30, 2009

Comprehensive Overview: R3 (R cubed 2)

Source: RFID, Inc.

This 125 KHz product line is not interchangeable with our 148 KHz R3 Solutions. This 2nd generation product is based on the same rugged proven technology as that of our R3 (R cubed) family of RFID solutions with the following enhancements:

  • Dozens of Tag styles
  • Operates at Standard (ISO approved) 125 KHz frequency
  • Smaller Reader packages, OEM level PCB packages
  • 7 to 28 VDC power requirements
  • Reader protocol outputs of DeviceNet, P rofibus, Modbus, Ethernet, Discrete I/O, RS485, and standard Serial

There are 5 architectures of Read Station solutions discussed here:

  1. RS232 - Model 7000E series of Readers offers a one Reader per one serial port solution.
  2. RS485 - Model 7050E series of Readers allows for multi-drop of 32 Readers to a single serial port.
  3. Ethernet - Model 7000E or 7050E series of Readers wired to our Model 3035E TCPIP RFID Interface.
  4. Industrial protocol Readers - Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus, Discrete I/O - see page 6 for system diagram and details.
  5. Hand Helds, Specialty and OEM Reader Solutions.
The R cubed products primarily serve applications of:

  • Tote/Pallet/Carrier ID of Widgets thru Processes
  • Wafer Identification thru Manufacturing
  • Mold/Tool Identification
  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Appliance Shells/Vehicle Body Parts thru Bake Ovens
  • Gas Cylinder Identification
  • Laundry Identification
  • Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Authentication/Verification
  • Products or Pallets in ASRS Systems
  • Employee ID, Access Control
  • ID Prescriptions in Automated Pharmaceutical Systems
  • Mining Conveyor Belt Identification
  • Automated Airline Baggage Systems
  • Stacker/Reclaimer Systems in Mining
  • Identify/Track Rental Items

Certainly not limited to these applications, the R32 products excel at any industrial identification need where tough, 100% dependable systems are necessary. R cubed stands for Rapid, Robust and Reliable.

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