• How RFID Technology Can Help Protect Students
    How RFID Technology Can Help Protect Students

    In an effort to improve the safety of children on their way to and from schools, school systems are looking into tracking solutions as a way to keep tabs on where students are.

  • The Bar Code Turns 40
    The Bar Code Turns 40

    When first introduced four decades ago, bar codes helped warehouses, retail shops, and grocery stores to scan their products quicker and keep better track of inventory. A look at the bar code as it observes its 40th anniversary this week — June 26, 2014 — reveals new innovations that VARs can leverage to provide business solutions for customers.

Cheryl Knight

Cheryl Knight is a contributing writer for Business Solutions magazine. She has written for many niche-market publications, including Automotive Fleet, Fleet Financials, Government Fleet, and Engineering & Technology magazines.