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  1. SmartMetric Has Embeded A Poweful Cortex Processor Into It's Fingerprint Activated Card For Biometric Controlled Credit, Debit And Identity Cards

    SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) SmartMetric has added a powerful Cortex processor to its biometric controlled credit, debit and identity cards allowing for faster fingerprint processing as well as the power to undertake a whole range of added processing functions.

  2. Active RFID Global Mobile Asset Tracking Solution Allows Cost-Effectively Monitoring

    Latest from Nordic Semiconductor is news that Swiss active RFID asset tracking specialist, AgoraBee, has launched a low-cost active RFID global mobile asset tracking solution using Nordic transceivers.

  3. Borer’s Intelligent FUSION Smartcard Access Control Reader Punches Above Its Weight

    Weighing in at 100g, Borer’s FUSION Smartcard Reader is a complete access control solution providing full online and offline card validation with decision making capabilities at the point of entry. This removes the need for a separate control panel, wall box and additional mains power at every door facilitating speedy, cost-effective installation.

  4. TSL Release Mobile Software App Making Finding RFID Assets Quick And Easy

    Recently, Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd (TSL), a developer of best-in-class RFID mobile devices and mobile data capture solutions, announced availability of the new RFID Tag Finder application for Android-powered devices.

  5. eAgile Awarded Patent For RFID Intelligent Packaging Breakthrough

    eAgile Inc., a global leader in radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies, announced today that the U.S. Patent Office has granted a patent for the company's eSeal™ RFID-enabled packaging solution.

  6. Motion Secures CID2 Certification For F5 Rugged Tablet And EasyConnect UHF RFID Long-Range Reader

    Motion Computing announced recently it has secured Class I, Division 2 (CID2) certification for the F5te Rugged Tablet & EasyConnect UHF RFID Long-Range Reader.

  7. Backplane Systems Technology Releases RuggON's PM-522 10.4 In Rugged Tablet PC With Intel Atom Bay Trail Processor

    Backplane Systems Technology has launched RuggON's 10.4in IP65 rugged tablet PC with Intel Atom bay trail E3826 dual core processor supporting Windows 7 and 8 operating systems, the PM-522 designed for field applications.

  8. ABnote Australasia Wins Australian Business Award

    ABnote, a leading global card manufacturer and provider of financial and secure credentialing solutions announced recently that it had been recognized by World BAES Awards Management, winning the Australian Business Awards, Product Innovations Category, with the entry of the Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership Card with Qantas Cash.

  9. SWAccessControl, A Leading Access Control System Manufacturer And Wholesaler, Has Unveiled Its New RFID Access Control Systems

    RFID access control systems are currently very popular around the world. Recently, SWAccessControl, a leading access control system manufacturer and wholesaler, has unveiled its newRFID access control systems, which include proximity card readers, ID/IC card issuers, UHF Integrated readers, HID readers and others. All its RFID Access Controllers are now offered at discounted rates, up to 30% off

  10. ID TECH Expands Product Offering With New Digital Display

    ID TECH, a manufacturer of automated data entry, mobile payment, point-of-sale and secure payment devices, announced the expansion of its product offering to digital signage.

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