Sirit IDentity Flex And IDentity ZiP

Source: Sirit Inc.

Sirit's automatic vehicle identification system has been designed to give users a fast, cost effective, and highly reliable access control system.

IDentity Flex
Sirit's automatic vehicle identification system has been designed to give users a fast, cost effective, and highly reliable access control system. The IDentity Flex was developed to increase vehicle throughput using the latest in sophisticated radio frequency technology providing a system that is both secure and reliable.

Sirit's IDentity Flex reader system uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to read Sirit's IDentity Flex and Title 21 vehicle mounted transponders. Mounted in a weather resistant NEMA enclosure, it is a self-contained versatile reader capable of stand-alone operation or interfacing with industry standard controllers.

Sirit's IDentity Flex reader's unique ability to interface up to four antennas creates an economical solution for automatic vehicle access requirements. Quite simply, IDentity Flex offers the best price and performance of any system available today. No longer do you have to sacrifice convenience for security.

IDentity Zip
Sirit's IDentity Zip represents a true breakthrough in price and performance in short- to medium-range automatic vehicle identification applications. The "ZipTag" is a battery-free smart label that complements Sirit's IDentity Flex and IDentity Title 21 product lines. Sirit now has a full range of products to achieve speed, read range and performance requirements for any Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) application.

At the heart of the IDentity Zip system is the tag that is placed inside a vehicle's windshield. Unlike many AVI tags in the market today, the IDentity Zip has an extremely small profile – and a proportionately small price. The tag measures six inches in length and is 3/4 of an inch tall. It's barely thicker than most parking decals, but carries the benefits and capabilities of a sophisticated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system.

As the vehicle approaches the IDentity Zip antenna, the energy from the antenna activates the transponder causing it to transmit an identification number back to the IDentity Zip reader. The information can then be utilized by a number of host systems which interface easily through industry standard RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or Wiegand outputs.

Sirit's IDentity Zip system bridges the gap by providing exceptional read ranges at an attractive system price. The IDentity Zip product is based on technology that can be produced for significantly less cost than previous generation products. These advancements have narrowed the gap in the overall cost of system ownership between proximity devices and IDentity Zip.

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