Datasheet | February 6, 2012

Omni-ID® Dura 3000 Datasheet

Source: Omni-ID
Omni-ID® Dura 3000

Omni-ID Dura 3000 is a globally compliant, passive UHF tag with extreme read ranges of up to 35m, on, off or near metals and liquids. Designed for heavy industry and outdoor applications, Omni-ID Dura 3000 features a high impact, water proof, durable encasement. Omni-ID Dura 3000 is an excellent choice for tracking large assets in open storage environments, without the concern of a battery.

Building Intelligent Supply Chains

With its breakthrough RF performance, the Omni Dura 1500 RFID tag provides a cost-effective solution for applications which previously required semi-passive or active tags including:

  • Cargo and Container tracking.
  • Heavy equipment tracking and maintenance.
  • Location identification in lay down zones.

Download the datasheet below for more information.

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