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AWID Sentinel-Prox MR-1824 Proximity Reader AWID Sentinel-Prox MR-1824 Proximity Reader
The MR-1824 reader electronics are potted with a UL-approved epoxy to seal them against adverse environmental conditions. The MR-1824 is manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified facility providing for the highest quality standard. It is highly reliable and warranted for life. It comes in dark gray. The high-tech styling of this reader, combined with its superior range, is impressive.
Meyers RFID Book Labels Meyers RFID Book Labels
RFID Book Labels designed for all Library system applications. Optional constructions include frangible materials with security features and aggressive adhesives designed to deter book theft.
RFIDatawedge - World-Class UHF RFID Desktop Reader Kit RFIDatawedge - World-Class UHF RFID Desktop Reader Kit
Miles Technologies, Inc. has recently released RFIDatawedge, a world-class UHF RFID desktop reader kit. This RFID kit works with any application, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, or Notepad.
Wavetrend: RX1000 Wireless Reader Wavetrend: RX1000 Wireless Reader
The RX1000 reader detects and decodes RFID (radio frequency identification) signals from Wavetrend’s range of active RFID tags. It can operate in rugged conditions at ultra long ranges, subject to the appropriate antenna being fitted to the unit.
TTAGB model TTB-434-01Class IV Active Tags TTAGB model TTB-434-01Class IV Active Tags
Scanpak's TTAGB model TTB-434-01 tag is a RFID Class IV active tag. This high-performance, multi-feature tag operates at 434 MHz frequencies and is available in three additional models, having each an added sensor feature.
SmartMark™: RFID CR-80 ID Cards SmartMark™: RFID CR-80 ID Cards
Designed to work even while near the human body, SmartMark RFID CR-80 ID tags are the perfect solution for secure worksites. With a read range of up to 5 ft. they are available either as blanks for use with your printers, or with your custom logos, photographs, bar codes, and messages pre-printed for you.
Tag<i>Net&trade;</i> Server TagNet™ Server
Utilizing an RFID Event Management engine, TagNet Server deploys to your platform & database of choice providing the core business logic and Object repository of the TagNet Suite.
UID/RFID Compliance Solution: DoD RFID Mandates UID/RFID Compliance Solution: DoD RFID Mandates
The UID/RFID Compliance Solution includes all of the components necessary to meet your Department of Defense UID marking and RFID requirements. This solution enables printing, encoding, and validation along with meeting the UID Registry and WAWF electronic update requirements. This solution includes a Zebra R110XiII multi-protocol printer, a Motorola DC600 portal, Motorola MC9090R mobile device, and software that enables printing/encoding, along with the validation of what was created. The bundle also includes a ribbon and a roll of 500 RFID labels.
VUANCE Electronic Security Solutions For Educational Environments VUANCE Electronic Security Solutions For Educational Environments
Electronic access control involves managing access to and from a facility. Access management pertains to locking/unlocking doors, opening/closing gates and tracking individuals who are entering or leaving a building, parking lot or room. Monitoring pertains to supervising anything defined as an alarm point such as door contacts, motion or glass break sensors.
Atlas RFID Solutions Automotive Manufacturing Technology Solution Atlas RFID Solutions Automotive Manufacturing Technology Solution
In the automobile manufacturing and assembly industry, production and inventory management are the two most critical tasks that contribute to your success. Large volumes of parts need to be assembled, and proper sequencing is of the utmost importance. RFID can automate the process of managing inventory real-time and verify correct component assemblies.
Intermec IF2 Network Reader Intermec IF2 Network Reader

The Intermec IF2 is a compact, cost-effective network reader designed to support diverse RFID applications in both enterprise and industrial environments that require a scalable RFID system with a low cost per read point.

MIKOH Smart&Secure: Retail RFID Tag MIKOH Smart&Secure: Retail RFID Tag
Unlike other RFID tags designed for retail applications, the Smart&Secure Retail Tag allows consumers to reduce the RFID read distance simply by unfolding the top layer of the tag, which decouples the tag’s antenna from its RFID chip and thereby ensures consumer privacy.
Intelleflex: RFID Reusable Transport Item (RTI) Tracking Intelleflex: RFID Reusable Transport Item (RTI) Tracking
The Intellefl ex RFID Solution for Reusable Transport Item (RTI) tracking provides real-time visibility to assets such as containers, bins, and roll cages, tracks outgoing and incoming inventory, and maximizes utilization to improve your bottom line.
EMI and RFI Design Consulting
Corry Micronics' skilled Design Engineers, with many years of industry experience, are available for consultation whenever you experience any EMI / RFI issues...
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SATO RFID Solutions
SATO is a pioneer and leading global provider of integrated Automatic Identification and Data Collection solutions that leverage barcode and RFID technologies. SATO manufactures innovative, reliable auto-identification systems and offers complete solutions to businesses by integrating hardware, software, media supplies and maintenance services. Customers rely on SATO for accuracy, labour and resource savings helping to preserve the environment. Learn more.