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Lexmark T640rn LASER RFID Solutions Printer Lexmark T640rn LASER RFID Solutions Printer
The Lexmark T640rn is the first device on the market to combine RFID capability with laser printing technology, bringing your company a flexible, affordable alternative to current RFID solutions. The Lexmark solution can speed up distribution processes and increase productivity by printing on a wide variety of different types and sizes of media, including legal-size documents.
Impinj Tag Antennas Impinj Tag Antennas
As an RFID user, you don't want to think about your tags, you just want them to work. To that end, demanding tags that are "Powered by Impinj" is the most important step you can take. Why? Because Impinj is the company that made UHF Gen 2 real.
SmartMark™: Pipeline RFID Tags SmartMark™: Pipeline RFID Tags
Designed by the harsh environment experts at William Frick & Co. SmartMarkā„¢ Pipetags streamline installations and inspections of oil, gas & water pipelines. Encapsulated in durable vulcanized rubber, they offer years of service — even in harsh construction site or outdoor environments.
Windshield Tag For LR-911 Windshield Tag For LR-911
AWID's WS tag is designed for one kind of installation, on the inside of a vehicular windshield. When the removable waxed label on the WS is peeled off, adhesive is exposed. That side of the tag should be placed on the inside of the vehicle's windshield (clean please!) at a location where there is no tinting or embedded wires for antenna or defrost, and where there is direct line of sight from the tag to the LR-911 reader.
MP9111 (125 KHz) & MP9112 (134 KHz) Low-Power, Multi-Protocol Readers MP9111 (125 KHz) & MP9112 (134 KHz) Low-Power, Multi-Protocol Readers
The SAMSys MP9111 and MP9112 are low-cost, multi-protocol proximity readers. These RFID reader supports a variety of tag protocols including Atmel (Temic) e5550, EM Marin H4102, and Texas Instruments TIRIS. The MP9111 and MP9112 also support the anti-collision tag protocols including Philips Hitag 1.
Itelweb Itelweb
Itelweb is a web application that consolidates the information of all Itelmatic™ toolboxes in the system providing global reports and alerts.
High Current Bolt-In Filters High Current Bolt-In Filters

The high current filter family from Corry Micronic's consists of three standard current types: 50 ampere, 150 ampere, and 200 ampere. The standard product line filters are rated with a working voltage of 200 volts DC, 140 volts AC, and have a capacitance of 0.22 µF.

Industrial Portals, A Division Of Jamison Door Company: Product Catalog Industrial Portals, A Division Of Jamison Door Company: Product Catalog
Install your RFID project faster and more uniformly with protected, fully functional all-in-one portals and read stations. Jamison's Industrial Portals®, a Division of Jamison Door Company high-quality structural units eliminate the hassle of deploying RFID systems in busy environments and provide everything you need for a successful RFID implementation.
Blue Vector Technology Solution Blue Vector Technology Solution
Blue Vector provides a common infrastructure for RFID that can be used throughout manufacturing, distribution, retail, transportation, and warehousing operations. Tight integration with ERP, WMS, and other systems insures that the locations of your assets and products are automatically reflected in your back end systems as rapidly as possible.
InfoLogix HealthTrax Asset Tracking Software InfoLogix HealthTrax Asset Tracking Software

The HealthTrax system includes real-time location services (RTLS), long-range active RFID, telemetry and choke-point visibility all in a single integrated, cost-effective infrastructure.

SkyRFID: RFID Readers And Accessories SkyRFID: RFID Readers And Accessories
Company have direct access to a number of excellent hardware suppliers who work with the Company to make sure that you receive the right products and the best price.
RFID Solutions And Services from HP RFID Solutions And Services from HP
HP is embracing RFID not only to increase manufacturing efficiencies in its global supply chain operations, but also to assure leadership in enabling customer compliance with directives such as these. HP's broad, deep understanding of the technology enables us to provide answers to these RFID implementation questions now, not only for our own vast corporate supply chain, but also for our customers and their customers as well.
M9000 Series Rugged Tablet Computers M9000 Series Rugged Tablet Computers

These tablets are the go-anywhere solution for companies who need reliable mobile communication throughout their supply chain and want to future-proof their technology purchase with advanced communications options, modularity ,and ruggedness.

PureRFid Ultra Long Range RFID Reader PureRFid Ultra Long Range RFID Reader
The PureRFid Ultra Long Range RFID Reader is used for receiving status messages from the PureRF Tags. Range adjustable antennas can be discretely hidden to identify and track Tag activity.
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SATO RFID Solutions
SATO is a pioneer and leading global provider of integrated Automatic Identification and Data Collection solutions that leverage barcode and RFID technologies. SATO manufactures innovative, reliable auto-identification systems and offers complete solutions to businesses by integrating hardware, software, media supplies and maintenance services. Customers rely on SATO for accuracy, labour and resource savings helping to preserve the environment. Learn more.